How to Bid

Welcome to our new online bidding assistant web portal. We created this to help you place and track your bids in a secure, efficient, and straightforward way. We have simplified the whole process to 3 steps.

After the bidding is over we will reach out to the winners!

How does the bidding work?

Bidding Reward System

Every bid you place, win or lose, makes a difference in children’s health care! That is why we created the Bidding Reward System to track all your bids and reward you for all of the support you provide. The rewards are based on the total number of bids set and correlate to a tier level. Each level unlocks a new reward and a complimentary badge to show the community how much you care.


Bid Range: 0-7
Reward: THANK YOU! You've made the first step in making a difference in a child's life. Keep bidding to ensure you attain a case or more of extraordinary wines and become a champion for children's healthcare!


Bid Range: 8-14
Reward: 1 Free entry into an exclusive Founders' Barrel Auction Giveaway.
Details: This giveaway includes 2 cases of previous Oregon Wine Competition entries and other goodies. One winner will be selected randomly on Monday, Aug 24th at noon.


Bid Range: 15+
Reward: One (1) complimentary mystery case of previous Oregon Wine Competition medal-winning wines. This reward goes to the first 40 champions to achieve this rank!  

Custom Programs

Proxy Bidding

You can arrange for proxy bidding for your account by calling us at 541-789-5025. Bids will be in $20 increments up to your limit.

Custom Label

Many of the wines purchased will be labeled with a premier Oregon Wine Experience® label. You can customize that label for your business or family if you purchase either a minimum 10 case shares from one barrel or an entire lot.

Lot Shipment