2019 Sauvignon Blanc

Croft Vineyards

Lot Size { 10 Cases }

Proj. Release Month { September 2020 }       

Appellation { Willamette Valley }

Alc { 13.1% }

Custom Labels Available { No }

Winemaker { Ray Walsh }    

Tasting Notes: Croft is becoming the go-to vineyard for a burgeoning interest in Oregon Sauvignon Blanc. This is a pungent, racy, herbaceous wine that brings ripe citrus and pineapple fruit into the center ring. It was fermented and aged in concrete eggs -- another growing trend for white wines in Oregon. 

Winery Info: In 1983 a couple from Alaska started a brand new adventure, growing grapes in Oregon. While still working on their respective careers in law and education, the desire to be with the earth, honor it and coax something lovely from its soil became a serious goal. With a free-spirited entrepreneurial spirit, they investigated the Napa Valley and its northern counterpart, the Willamette Valley. Acreage in Monmouth, Oregon proved to be the best fit for the couple and the adventure began!

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