2018 Pinot Noir

Parkhurst Wine Cellars

100% of proceeds from this lot will be directed to Asante Cancer Care.

Lot Size { 10 Cases }

Proj. Release Month { October 2020 }    

Appellation { Rogue Valley, Stomp Vineyard }

Alc { 14% }

Custom Labels Available { No }

Winemaker { Chris Graves }

Tasting Notes: Bright garnet in color with beautiful clarity that belies it’s aromatic depth. The nose features deep black cherry aromas with notes of Asian spices and a nuance of Sandalwood and French vanilla. Once on the palate, this Pinot shows tremendous structure wrapped in a silky robe of generous red fruits layered with warm spice notes and gentle acidity with a long and haunting finish. While showing beautifully now, patient cellaring will certainly yield a classic Pinot Noir for years to come.

Winery Info: We are often asked the origin of the Parkhurst name and the inspiration to fashion wine under this brand versus our own names. The answer, like the namesake that we have adopted, is a story all its own. 

As the idea of making wines in the Rogue Valley came closer to becoming a reality for us, it was important that we find a name to work with that embraced many of the facets of our own journey to this point in time both personally, and in our wine “Story.”  We have seen many historical names serve as an homage to the past and what “was,” but rarely do they transcend into a modern story that is both engaging and inspiring. Even more so, some contemporary names and monikers seem to fade like fashion, almost with the seasons. It was our hope that whatever name we chose to brand on our wines would reflect part of our life’s journey and would be relatable to many others…providing a sense of inspiration as well as intrigue. 

We found the Parkhurst name in the pages of the history books of the wild west. Woven into the tapestry of time that saw the settling of California and Oregon came a character so intriguing; we simply had to embrace the legendary story of “One-Eyed Charley Parkhurst” as an inspirational spirit for our wines. 

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