2019 Notre Cadeau

76% Carmenere, 15% Cabernet Franc and 9% Petite Verdot

This is an Oregon Wine Experience exclusive. At Stone Griffon, they aren't afraid to experiment, and this non-traditional blend balances 76% Carménère, 15% Cab Franc and 9% Petite Verdot. A glowing ruby red, it has aromas of bright spices, red stone fruits and violet, on the plate you will experience lush dark cherry, vanilla wood, spice, peppery earthiness and very light green pepper and anise. It is medium acid, medium dry with a full bodied super smooth texture. Winery Information: Stone Griffon's tempranillo was planted in 2007, and was the foundation of the vineyard and winery in Carlton, Yamhill County, Oregon. They benefit from a unique microclimate, experiencing a rain shadow from the Oregon Cascade Range, both dryer and warmer than the surrounding Willamette Valley. Stone Griffon practices minimum intervention between the vine and the glass for the production of its wines. Our red wines are in barrel no less than 18 months and often up to 36 months, providing greater depth and character.

Projected Release Date: August 2022

American Viticultural Area (AVA): Columbia Valley

Alcohol Percentage: 14.5%

Winemaker: Terry McIntyre

Winery Website: www.stonegriffonvineyard.com

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